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Professionalism in Executive Search

Succeeding in today's demanding business environment requires more than advanced technology, resources and business expertise. The key to success is having people who are sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced to represent one's organization. Finding such people requires an in-depth knowledge of the disciplines and unique character of the industries in which they work. Providing a service that meets these key corporate criteria in executive search remains the guiding focus of Ashlar-Stone Management Consultants Inc.

The consultants at Ashlar-Stone Management Consultants Inc. combine executive backgrounds from industry, with years of senior and middle management recruiting experience. As a basic policy, executive search is not delegated, but rather, is handled exclusively by the senior consultants. Our search practice is based on defining and solving the present and future needs of our clients, who are assured of the highest quality in executive search service through a strong research-oriented approach by accomplished, resourceful professionals.

We provide the foundation necessary to assist our clients in building strong management teams by developing an in-depth understanding of them and their industry sectors. This involves a thorough assessment of their needs through an intensive briefing with one or more of our senior consultants. We then help the client to define such job-related factors as the organizational culture and philosophy, the expectations of the management team and the role of the prospective candidate as a member of that team.

Senior consultants manage every aspect of the search. The strategy for each assignment is carefully tailored to fit the individual requirements of the client, thus ensuring that the best-qualified candidates are recruited. Extensive and detailed research of the designated marketplace, along with the Firm's network of personal contacts, enables the consultant to match the right individual to a specific position. Over eighty percent of the executives placed by the Firm are new contacts developed through its extensive research and are unknown to the Firm prior to the initiation of the respective searches.

Because of the Firm's uncompromising approach, searches in a wide variety of market sectors have been conducted repeatedly with unerring success. The ability to complete searches quickly and efficiently with high-calibre candidates constitutes the critical difference that distinguishes Ashlar-Stone Management Consultants Inc. — a difference to which we continually reaffirm our commitment. The high incidence of repeat business and the lasting tenure of candidates are indicative of the quality of our search work and the continuing success of our clients.

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